Welcome Jonna Sundling

14th of september 2023

Jonna Sundling is a part of STATE

We are proud to introduce the latest member of the STATE family!

Team STATE har svært ved at få armene ned over at have fået Jonna Sundling med på holdet. Det er af afgørende betydning for STATE at etablere samarbejder med nøje udvalgte profiler. Derfor udvælger vi omhyggeligt vores ambassadører, som skal spille en central rolle i at udbrede den positive energi. 

This partnership is not just a coincidence but rather the result of a shared understanding of how important enduring energy is – not only on the ski slopes but also in life in general. Jonna herself describes it as follows: ""I am proud to be a part of a movement dedicated to improving long-term energy in both our bodies and our minds." 

Jonna Sundling

A shared vision

At STATE, we share Jonna Sundling's vision that long-lasting energy and vitamins are the key to achieving our goals and dreams, and we are convinced that her unwavering dedication to her sport and life philosophy will inspire others in Sweden to strive for the same.

But why has a world champion and Olympic gold medalist like Jonna chosen STATE as her preferred source of energy? The answer is actually quite simple: ""The slowly absorbable carbohydrates in the energy drink from STATE make it my favorite and the obvious choice when I need an energy boost.".”

In addition to the slow-release carbohydrates, she further describes: "With the right energy and the right attitude, we can achieve anything we set our minds to. Long-lasting energy is the way forward. Choose your energy wisely."

Together with Jonna, STATE will continue to work on promoting the important message of enduring energy and vitamins to help people realize their potential. We look forward to sharing this exciting journey with our new ambassador, Jonna Sundling, and together, spreading the positive energy to Sweden!

Hos STATE er vi med vores energidrik og vitamindrik med til levere den gode energi gennem en nøje afstemt kombination af ingredienser, herunder 128 mg koffein, Palatinose, B6/B12 vitamin, taurin og grøn te ekstrakt.