Christian Eriksen: That is why I am part of STATE

19. October 2017

Christian Eriksen, the most chance-creating player in all of Europe and Denmark's best footballer, only collaborates with two companies in the world – Nike and STATE. 

In elite football, you need all the extra percentages you can get! With a STATE energy drink, Christian Eriksen gets the extra boost of energy that is needed. With an education from top clubs such as AFC Ajax and Tottenham Hotspurs, Christian Eriksen knows as a top athlete that the best, and only the best(!) ingredients are needed. 

Christian Eriksen gets all this with STATE Drinks, which consists of Palatinose, caffeine, green tea, B vitamins, taurine and much more. Buy Christian Eriksen's favorite STATE HERE and enjoy the same renewable energy as Eriksen!

Christian Eriksen has long had STATE Drinks as his absolute favorite energy drink! In this video you can hear why he is part of STATE.